Nantucket , MA , United States

Situated just 30 miles south of Cape Cod, and a world away from the stresses of modern life, Nantucket is the destination of choice for those who want to rest, recharge, and reconnect with a Island way of life. 

Windswept beaches, sand dunes, blinking lighthouses and a charming pace of life await on this 50-square mile island. The world's former top whaling port is now designated a National Historic District. Leave the car and take the shuttle or bike around. Seaside cottages, old whaling captains' mansions and historic harbors contain quaint inns, boutique stores,  and upscale dining delights. Swim, surf or load up the tackle for Nantucket's excellent striper, bluefish and bonito fishing

Nantucket, Massachusetts

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Why You Should Stay At 7 North Water Nantucket Vacation Rental:

If you have been thinking about taking a vacation in the state of Massachusetts, you might want to consider staying islands destination of Nantucket, located off of Cape Cod. It is a great summer destination, one that has beautiful beaches, complete with cedar shingle buildings and manicured privets. This is a destination that is very popular because of the way that it looks, and the many activities that you can do. There are actually old-style wharves, cobblestoned streets, and steepled churches that will mesmerize all visitors. There are many restaurants, as well as high-end boutiques, perfect for tourists that decide to stay for a few days or more. There is also a whaling museum, one that will show you a little bit about the history of how Nantucket was the focal point of whaling back in the 19th century, an island that is now so much more. One of the best locations for people that are staying for the first time is 7 North Water, a historic home which was previously referred to as The Scallop Inn. Here is an overview of this destination in Nantucket that so many people read about, and if you reasons why you should consider vacationing here at least once a year.

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The History Of Nantucket

This island is one of the more popular destinations on the East Coast, not too far from the famous Martha's Vineyard. It is a tourist destination, one that only has a permanent residency of 10,000 people, one that grows to well over 50,000 during the summer months. Those that do live there actually own some of the most expensive homes in the United States, even over property that is located on Long Island or in the Hamptons. It is designated as part of the national historic landmark District, primarily because of the architecture that has been in existence since the 18th century when it was simply a seaport town. Before the arrival of Europeans, it was occupied by Native Americans, specifically the Wampanoag people, up until the year 1641. The Native Americans would actually fish, and also harvest whales, as part of their normal activities. Today, this island which is only 304 mi.² represents the smallest county in Massachusetts, and has a humid continental climate. It can reach temperatures as high as 100°F,, and drop as low as -3°F, making this an opportune place to vacation during the spring and summer months. It has become a top destination for tourists that are looking for a quiet place to relax apart from the busy hustle and bustle of the eastern United States.

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Overview Of 7 North Water

This is considered by many people to be the best location in town, located at the heart of Nantucket itself. It has all of the modern conveniences that you would expect in this renovated six bedroom two bath home, located on a cobblestone street. It was originally built in 1846, and is very close to the Whaling museum and the White Heron Theater. The six bedrooms are spread out over the upper and lower floors, a perfect setting for family reunions, or would be apropos for two families that are traveling together on a vacation. The first floor of the household contains three bedrooms and a full bathroom. The second floor has three bedrooms and a bathroom as well, there is a family room on the first floor which will give you access to ROKU TV, and all of the furnishings will definitely make you believe that you are in a remote, yet lavish, eastern coastal town. There is a kitchen that is large enough to accommodate the entire group, allowing you to prepare family meals every day. The kitchen was recently renovated, and it has the most modern appliances, with plenty of room for everyone to help out when making meals. For those that will be arriving that will need to do their work, you will have access to fast wireless Internet and a computer with two monitors. For the kids, there is a large backyard that has grass where children can play, and a huge picnic table and gas grill that is perfect for cooking steaks and boiling lobster. If you would prefer not cooking, it is located very close to restaurants in the area, and also to the beach. It is only a block away from the best shops in all of Nantucket, making this the primary destination for people that want to experience what this beautiful island is all about. Also included at the house are alarm clocks, washing machines, dryers, linens, laundry soap, street parking, and air-conditioning units. You will also have access to beach chairs, binoculars, and a cooler that you can take with you to the beach when you finally decide to go out in the water. Outside of the home you will have access to the deck, patio, and chairs that you can use when you are barbecuing or cooking outside. You can sit on the wood deck, enjoy the outdoor grill, and really take advantage of how comfortable you will feel at this popular destination.