About Us

Where Lifelong Memories Are Created

My family and I have always stayed in vacation rentals. The space and privacy has allowed us to enjoy many big family gatherings and vacations with our closest friends over the years, creating lifelong memories together.

It’s those happy memories that persuaded us to purchase this amazing historic property in Nantucket. Formerly a bed and breakfast, the property was built in 1846 so it has an enthralling history and story of its own. We have converted it into a single family residential rental property where our own family can spend quality time, creating more of those lifelong memories. But this isn’t just a vacation home for our family and friends, We want to share it with you too.

When booking our own stays in vacation rentals we've always valued a prime location and excellent amenities. And those were the key elements we looked for when purchasing and converting this Nantucket home, formerly The Scallop Inn. The home and location provide everything necessary to keep a large family comfortable and enable them to spend quality time together without having to worry about a thing.

Our approach will always be professional, fast and reliable, whether you’re at the initial contact stage, or you’re several days into your stay. So, if you send us an email we will be back in touch as soon as possible.